Hi! I'm Josh, an artist from Eugene, Oregon. I'm an animator and painter who dabbles in a variety of mediums -- I love to work with my hands and create things that are colorful and energetic, full of movement and life. I've used animation to create short films, portraits, album covers, silly gifs, and an ad for a book about werewolves, in a beautiful hand-drawn style that demonstrates extreme attention and care to even the smallest details. 
My art is highly versatile, and I'm always happy to help people figure out a way to express their ideas visually regardless of subject matter, for both personal and commercial projects. 
Outside of my artistic practice, I'm learning piano, brewing espresso, gardening in my backyard, and working in a screenprint shop. I love fashion and am super into chunky boots, patterned pants, and big ol' sweaters. I'm married to my wife, Brianna, who is a middle school math & science teacher.
Feel free to reach out with any questions about my art, or if you'd like to work with me, at joshua.a.rollo@gmail.com
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